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Wastewater Subsurface
Drip Distribution

Peer-Reviewed Guidelines

These Peer-Reviewed Guidelines for Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Subsurface Drip Wastewater Distribution were developed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). This section contains four files, which can be viewed online and/or downloaded to a local drive.

Excel Spreadsheets

These three design spreadsheets are provided in Microsoft® Excel format, version 2002. It’s suggested that the Excel files be downloaded to a local drive and saved using a different file name when in use. This will preserve the original copy and allow the new files to be modified and adapted to meet the user’s needs. The Excel files contain information for Example 1 as described in the guidelines. To use the drip system design spreadsheets, enter or revise values and data as needed in all “white” cells. The values in the “gray” cells are automatically programmed and should not normally need to be revised.

Project Managers

Bob Graham & Andra Michel
EPRI Home Page

Co-sponsor Project Manager

Charles L. McEntyre

Tennessee Valley Authority

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